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Romeo & Juliet

This production, featuring a queer couple, toured to local high schools and included facilitated conversation with students who sent me their responses to (and critiques of) the play: 

I liked how you adjusted the play and made it your own and how you modernized it but still kept it like original. I also like how you incorporated today’s issues in the play [...] I hope you make more plays and are able to invite us to come again, I would be happy to come. 

I was happy to know that same-sex was being heard. It is really important for me as a person who likes the same-sex that my voice is being heard.

The play was amazing. I usually don’t care for Romeo and Juliet but this version got me interested. The actors were lively and made old English actually enjoyable. The modern things were really interesting and I did not expect to see them. One of the things that had me at first was the singing; I feel that the singing played so well with the whole rhythm of the play; the actors had truly amazing voices. It must be very pleasing to see all of you hard work come to fruition. 

The play was good, however there were things I did not like. I did not like the language you chose.

(I give credit for that last one to the playwright)

More Student Responses Here

Romeo and Juliet

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